Above: Our dogs trained and owned by MSP K9 Unit, Special Ops. "Thank You"  for proving the health and trainability of our dogs! "You" have told "Us" that our dogs are equal or better than your imports from Europe. Please view our "Service Dogs" page for more of our pups serving. Thank you!! 
We are GERMAN SHEPHERD SECURITY. We believe every home should have a dog. Take the time to research the different breeds and consider your lifestyle, etc. We are producing World Class Pups with 100% Imported Genetics. Our studs and dams are from Legendary Bloodlines of Pure DDR, Czech Border Patrol and Slovak Ancestry. Our puppies come with a hip/health guarantee for anything genetic or hereditary. We produce for: Police Departments, SchH, SAR and most importantly, the Ultimate Family Protection Companion for YOU. Health and trainability guaranteed on all working line puppies. Our goal is to provide you with a healthy puppy who has a high level of intelligence for trainability to perform the task he is trained for! Your puppy is guaranteed to Certify with The Orthopedic Foundation For Animals at 2 years of age. We name all of our puppies with "von der Gauss" to honor my Great Grandma Gauss who moved to Michigan from Germany when she was 21 years old. You are welcome to contact us 24/7......we are available when you have questions for the lifetime of your puppy. Best wishes....God Speed!
We thank God for our amazing Studs & Dams and the wonderful puppies they produce.  We hope and pray that your new puppy gives you years of joy, companionship and protection!
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Fun Fact from AKC: Did you know that German Shepherds have 225 Million Cell Receptors in their nose? Making them perfect for Police Work or Search & Rescue!
Above: Panzer and his Best Friend!
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Watch this video on Utube to see if you can trust a German Shepherd with children!!!
Above: This 3 month old puppy is already faithfully bonding and watching over her Master!